transfer on marble, (2015) 18" x 12" each


The text on these marble surfaces can only be read from about 8 inches away. This gives the effect of the text appearing from nothing. 


And The Sky Beneath the Earth, (2015)
our faces on our knees and the sky beneath the earth

Escape Route, (2015)
my eyes my mouth all my ways in are escape routes

Co-ed, (2015)
a scar rising out of her black thigh-high sock the stocking holding the earth down

XIII, (2015)
either you burn them making out while depressed or you send them out onto the water or you scatter them in the wind

Cloudless Skies, (2015)
shot free of body-earth I may return to the pleasure of you

Choose a Name, (2015)
choose a name you feel comfortable hearing in whispers and in shouts and outside at night

An Hourglass, (2015) 
with an hourglass figure hard as stone and time transfixed